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I come from a crafting family.  Of course, back THEN, it wasnít called crafting, it was just something you did.  I learned to crochet when I was ten for a Girl Scout badge.  Crocheting used one strand of thread to build things:  pot holders, doilies, ponchos, etc.  As a young woman I learned to knit.  Again, knitting used one strand of thread to make things.  Best I ever did was slippers.  It was satisfying to take a skein of yarn, take a single strand of yarn and build.  The first time I heard of weaving was in an asbestos mill.  I got a job out of high school as a timekeeper in the Weave Room.  It was fascinating to see the creels filled with bobbins of asbestos yarn threaded into a loom and watch the weaver run a shuttle with a single strand of asbestos yarn through the multiple strands and then press, line by line until a length of cloth was made.  I never felt drawn to become a weaver but I always admired their skill, their dexterity.


Fast forward 40 years to 1996.  I began seeing colors when I closed my eyes.  Over time, these colors took on a luminosity that I could only described as being illuminated from the inside.  I also began seeing energy bodies around people, furniture, plants, --everywhere.  Studying Reiki opened me to look with no focus.  I began receiving nudges to look at this book, or read that book; take this workshop; study with this or that person.  I attended the Nine Gates Mystery School.  I read Barbara Brennanís Hands of Light.  I went to Japan with 32 Reiki Masters visiting Tokyo and Kyoto then to England, Scotland and Germany.  With each step; with each stop on my journey I seemed to receive more information about colors and auras, etheric bodies.  Some colors were healing; some were invigorating; some were calming; I began seeing swirls of colors when I meditated.  I went to Hawaii and learned about Huna and the land of rainbows.  More color.  I read Alice Baily and found the rainbow bridge.  At the beginning of 2005 I received a most persistent nudge to begin working with color along with energy.  A friend decided to move and gave me a lamp which was perfect for working with colored bulbs.  I slowly began opening to the use of colors and asking myself what would I like to do with them.  Then I got a thought.  Every modality I had learned had a group of lights.  Every body attached to each person had a group of lights.  The chakras had lights.  The rainbows had lights.  I would finally become a weaver.  I would become a LIGHTWEAVER.



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