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Huna  Discovering the Mystery of YOU

Huna is the Hawaiin word for "Secret".  But what does it mean to us?  It is a method of living in harmony and balance with one's self -- to walk within the worlds of physical and spiritual; in harmony with the elements and nature.  This system was developed hundreds of years ago.  In today's language we would refer to it as a form of psychology.  It recognizes the power of the mind, the three levels of consciousness, and enables an individual to reclaim their power and take back responsibility for self in all aspects of life.

During the first two days of Huna Training, we will cover:


  • What is Huna
  • What is Intuition
  • Universal Laws

Long Body Meditation

Energy Games

  • Balancing Self
  • Cleansing Center
  • Peace at My Center
  • Seeing Auras
  • Opening to Intuition

Discussion --- Last Session Updates

Chi --- Per Mediation

Power of the Mind Exercise

Levels of Man

Meet and Work with Guides

Ho'o Pono Pono

After an appropriate period of time a second two days of Huna Training can be scheduled and will cover:


Creating Scared Space

Ancestral Healing (Presenting Symptoms)

Journey to the Past

Rebirth into This life

Work with Energies of Sea People

Work with Guardians of Trees and Plants


Closing Ceremony


Freeing yourself of the past will allow you to be more fully present and involved in your present.  Using techniques of Huna you can help yourself and those you love to a fuller life with abundance of health and wealth.

An advanced training is also available.  In this case, you'll have the opportunity to learn soul retreival/spirit release and practice techniques learned in the previous training sessions.  It is also a two-day event.


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