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What is Spiritual Psychology?

A View of Life from the Perspective of Spirit

Who is it for?  Spiritual Psychology is for Healers of all sorts, those who wish to become healers, those who wish to heal themselves, and anyone who wishes to understand life from a spiritual perspective.

Spiritual Psychology is based on the book, Spiritual Psychology by Steve Rother and is a modality that you can use to help yourself or offer to your clients.  It is a freestanding modality or it can be added to an existing modality to give healers more range.  We will teach you practical applications to use intuitive spiritual counseling and give you the higher understanding of the human condition.  This gives practical tools that can be used by people and facilitators in many areas.

Times have changed and we are now faced with finding ways to work with clients without taking their power from them.  Empowerment is key to the new paradigms for healers.  Spiritual Psychology offers another perspective from which to understand the reason we act the way we do.  Have you ever wondered why a person can grow up with every conceivable advantage, yet seem incapable of mastering even the simple things in life?  It is only when we view our experiences from the evolutionary process of the soul that we can begin to understand all of the strange forces in our lives.

In the Spiritual Psychology training we work with these tools:

12 Paradigms of Facilitation.  New suggestions for working effectively in new times

The Art of Mastery.  Why we are here and what Mastery looks like.

The Seven Stages of Life.  The process of human evolution during a lifetime.

Energy Matrix ~ Energy Stamps.  How and why we work with primary life lessons.

The 12 Primary Life Lessons.  Each life we chose one primary life lesson to which all of our major contracts are directly related.

These tools in practice will help you or your clients remember what your soul had in mind before being born.  Once you or they see the patterns clearly it becomes easier to effect lasting change.

Each participant will work as both a facilitator and a client in intuitive spiritual counseling.  Prepare to make a\major movement in your own life as well as how to help others.

This is a Lightworker Certified training and upon successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate naming you as a certified Spiritual Psychology OverLight facilitator.  Access to the OverLight section of gives you access to other facilitators and communication with other facilitators including those in your own class.  Lightworker will also list you as a certified OverLight Spiritual Psychology facilitator on our web site if you wish and refer clients through our global referral network.



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